Chef Wonderful

Connoisseur of fine foods, Chef Wonderful brings his love and knowledge to YouTube, where he features his own creations and local eats from around the world.




Chef Wonderful - Rates Brooklyn Dumpling Shop's Finest

Chef Wonderful takes the culinary spotlight in this epic dumpling review of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop!

Dec 6, 2023

Chef Wonderful - How to Make a Delicious Meal For Under $10

Join Chef Wonderful as he guides you through marinating and grilling tender pork pieces to perfection.

Jun 16, 2023

Chef Wonderful - Tailgate Like a Pro: Party Foods That'll Score Big Time!

Chef Wonderful teamed up with celebrity Chef Aaron from the Food Network for an unforgettable tailgate extravaganza.

Sep 24, 2023

Chef Wonderful - You Won’t Believe This Salad Secret

You should know by now, that as soon as #ChefWonderful steps foot in the kitchen things are bound to get spicy!

Jun 8, 2023

Chef Wonderful Answers - How To Grow Your Direct To Consumer Brand

With businesses now forced to shift to have a bigger digital presence.

Dec 7, 2021

Chef Wonderful - 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's

Your 20’s are crucial years that will define the rest of your life, so MAKE THEM COUNT! 

Oct 29, 2021

Chef Wonderful - The SECRET Behind The World's Best Lobster Roll

Chef Wonderful spents the 4th of July weekend in Nantucket; home of the world’s BEST lobster roll!

Jul 28, 2021

Chef Wonderful - How To Make Crepe Recipe

Chef Wonderful shares his 1 million dollar secret crepes recipe perfected over the years with help from his mother.

Jul 16, 2019

Chef Wonderful - How To Make Traditional Greek Salad

Chef Wonderful shows how to make a traditional Greek salad. This authentic Greek salad recipe tastes and looks identical to what’s available in Greece.

Aug 20, 2019