Investor/ 01
The indescribable magic of seeing a dream turn into a multi-million dollar company is what drives Mr. Wonderful to invest in small businesses.
Chef/ 02
Connoisseur of fine foods, Chef Wonderful brings his love and knowledge to YouTube, where he features his own creations and local eats from around the world.
Sommelier/ 03
Drink wonderfully with affordable wines straight from the Kevin O’Leary cellar. Each bottle is finely crafted by the palette of Mr. Wonderful.
Collector/ 04
From guitars to timepieces to pens, Mr. Wonderful has an eye – and place in his collections – for the extraordinary and rare.
Photographer/ 05
Kevin O’Leary has been passionate about photography from a young age. This creative outlet has fueled and inspired him throughout his business ventures.
Musician/ 06
An accomplished musician, Mr. Wonderful appreciates, collects, and plays unique guitars that have a special place in the industry.


Passionate about startups, Kevin O’Leary is always looking for the next amazing business proposal with the potential to make it big.


Investing Wonderfully

Get your business proposal in front of your favorite shark. Kevin is constantly looking for one-of-kind, exciting, unique, and unforgettable business ideas. For a chance to hear from Mr. Wonderful about your company or brand, make your pitch.



Money never sleeps and neither does Mr. Wonderful! Pick up a tip or trick along the way as you watch Kevin O’Leary build his fortune.


| AUG 11, 2022

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| AUG 11, 2022

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Harvard Case Study – Kevin O’Leary: Building a Brand in Shark-infested Waters | November 9, 2023

For more than fifteen years, successful Canadian entrepreneur and investor Kevin O’Leary had developed his brand into a global powerhouse. Since his first appearance on the Canadian television program Dragons’ Den in 2006 and his meteoric rise to stardom through the hit show and cultural phenomenon Shark Tank, O’Leary had become synonymous with his penchant for telling the “cold hard truth,” just as much as his investing savvy.

Harvard – ‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary talks startups and setbacks | October 26, 2023

During a time of unprecedented business creation, what does it take for a founder to develop a product or service, raise capital from investors, and grow from a small business into a larger enterprise?

The Harvard Crimson – Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary Judges Pitches, Awards $100,000 at Harvard Business School Event | October 25, 2023

Thousands of Harvard affiliates gathered at Klarman Hall on Tuesday evening to hear investor and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary judge pitches from eight Harvard students, who competed for an investment of $100,000 and a private conversation with O’Leary himself.



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There’s nothing quite like getting a personalized video. That’s why Kevin O’Leary has partnered with Cameo to bring Shark Tank fans and business aficionados exclusive content directly from Mr. Wonderful himself.