Posted on: August 21, 2012

Watershed Down

1. Watershed Down

Why Wine?

As a young man, my father used to take me to the most beautiful wine cellars in southern Europe. He was posted in Geneva, Switzerland, so he was able to introduce me to some of the most elegant wines Europe had to offer. We would travel to countries like France and Italy and visit many different wineries, vineyards and wine cellars. From that moment on I was mesmerised by wine and it became a true passion in my life.  I remember admiring some of the best and rarest vintages and saying to my father “I am going to be able to buy these wines one day.”  As a young man I took it upon myself to begin exploring the history of the wine world and immersed myself in its culture. I would search for bottles that I knew I could not buy and only dream of owning. My love for wine continued to flourish.