Wicked Good Cupcakes

Cupcakes in jars shipped worldwide!

Wicked Good Cupcakes began when Tracey Noonan and her daughter signed up for cake-decorating classes as a way to spend quality time together. After posting their work online, family members and friends started requesting cupcakes for various events.

Hundreds of requests to ship their product across the country started rolling in, but they couldn’t find a way to deliver cupcakes and have them arrive intact and fresh. That’s when they came up for the idea of a cupcake in a jar. Filling jars with fresh baked layers of cake, frosting, and other toppings, they were able to create an easily-shipped product that would stay fresh up to 10 days without refrigeration.


Combat nutrition
for maximum performance!

Frustrated by having to take up to twenty pills and capsules per day, Rob Dyer and his team of Special Ops Marines came up with the idea for RuckPack––a single-source, power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free.

To ensure only the most essential ingredients for an energy shot were included in RuckPack, Marine Special Operations Forces tested and used the product while fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Today, RuckPack is over 80% military service-member owned. It’s a brand whose owners live by a code of service to country and community and who uphold the ideals of honor, dedication, and integrity.


Fresh ingredients delivered to cook
a meal in less than 30 minutes!

Plated fully believes in the power of a home-cooked meal. On a mission to get people eating better and living better, Plated delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your door so that you can create a healthy, quick, and delicious dinner without the hassles of meal planning and grocery shopping.

Appearing on Shark Tank was a once in a lifetime experience for Plated co-founders Nick Taranto and Josh Hix, who watched traffic soar after the segment aired. Plated currently ships hundreds of thousands of meals each month to 90% of the country—and they’re just getting started.

Holiday Rejects

Canada’s supplier of ugly
Christmas sweaters!

Holiday Rejects was born when three university students attended an ugly Christmas sweater party in 2011. Upon arriving at the party they found that the Christmas sweater attire of the guests was underwhelming, so they took it upon themselves to save Christmas sweater parties everywhere.

The following winter, they launched Holiday Rejects—a store dedicated to ugly Christmas sweaters.

After a modestly successful first Christmas season Holiday Rejects had the opportunity to be on Canadian TV show – Dragon’s Den where they were able to rub a little Christmas spirit off on Kevin O’Leary.

Holiday Rejects now runs 6 retail stores across Canada, offering the best selection of ugly Christmas sweaters in the country!


The world’s first smartphone breathalyzer!

Breathometer was founded by Charles Michael Yim in 2012 after he noted that there were no commercial breathalyzers for the smartphone market, and the only portable breathalyzers commercially available were both expensive and impractical for users to take with them on a night out.
Small enough to fit on a key chain, Breathometer plugs into a smartphone audio jack and together with a mobile app, transforms it into a sleek, portable and accurate breathalyzer measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

In September 2013, Charles Michael Yim appeared on Shark Tank, where he was successful in being the first entrepreneur to secure investments with all five Sharks. Today, Breathometer is available in retail stores across North America, and they’re flying off the shelves!


Turn your digital photos into
a printed flipbook!

Brian and Julie Whiteman were determined to develop a tangible and affordable way to archive photos after they lost their entire digital picture library due to a hard-drive failure.

The couple immediately started brainstorming, but struggled with the prohibitive costs of printing and shipping. Finally after a series of innovations, they developed Groovebook—an app allowing users to choose up to 100 photos a month from their smartphones and print them into a bound book for only $2.99 a month.


Easy Daysies

Magnetic schedules to keep your
kids organized!

Elaine Tan Comeau is an enterprising mother of three young children, a wife, and a former elementary school teacher. She created Easy Daysies’ visual daily routines to help get her kids out the door faster in the morning. After realizing that there was a market for such a product, she and her husband, Ron Comeau, launched her first product “two days after their third child was born, off their kitchen table.

Easy Daysies started spreading like a wild fire, and quickly became the #1 Back to School “Must Have” in Canada. Easy Daysies products are now available in stores across North America and beyond!


Dig It

Ladies work gloves for manicured hands!

Dig It Handwear began back in 2008 when Wendy Johannson shared her idea of a manicure protecting glove with Claudia Harvey at a family BBQ.

Both avid “do-it-yourselfers”, their love of all things related to gardening was often dampened by the deterioration of their hands, fingers and manicures from these activities.

When they realized that there wasn’t a product available to suit their needs, they designed their first product, Dig It Handwear. In November 2009, Wendy and Claudia brought Dig It Handwear to the Dragon’s Den where they inked a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

Since then, Dig It has created new brands and expanded product selections, sales and distribution channels to 3 countries outside of Canada.