Posted on: June 10, 2012

There’s a Reason He’s Getting Into the Wine Business: 10 Things Kevin O’Leary Can’t Live Without

The List: 10 things Kevin O’Leary — Dragon, Shark and author of Cold Hard Truth — can’t live without

1. Fine wine

I have a cellar of wine from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Château Latour ’90 is my current favourite. I bought a couple of cases when they weren’t expensive, but now the Chinese have discovered French first growths, and they’ve gone way up in price. It’s hard to drink them because I know they’re impossible to replace.

2. My vintage camera

I got hooked on photography when I was a TV editor and would take stills during filming. I have lots of cameras—both film and digital—but my most prized is a Leica M3 that has never left its box. I have the sales receipt from 1963. It’s worth thousands. If you know Leica, and you see this, it’s better than sex!

3. My digital music

I have more than 129,000 songs in my collection, all of which I ripped from old CDs and vinyl. It was a labour of love that took me three years. Vinyl just sounds different—listen to an album like Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue, and you’ll notice the bass you can’t get with digital recording.

4. My designer suits

I wear a suit every single day: Tom Ford or Prada. I have roughly 50 at a time, and they all fit perfectly.

5. My axe


I have a guitar collection that includes a signed Gibson Les Paul. A friend who was playing in his band invited me to the Iridium Club in New York to meet him. We ended up talking for an hour, and then I was jamming with him. It was pretty cool.

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