Posted on: June 29, 2012

The Shark Tank Formula: 4 Steps To Owning A Room — And Making A Killing

The Hunter Or The Hunted?

The wannabe or the failure often gets stuck in the mire of what there is to be done, the mechanical steps, or just getting up the nerve to start, or merely wondering whether to be bold or clever or what slide to put up next.

The shark, on the other hand, knows the outcome he or she will accept, what he or she will negotiate toward and navigates to that end. He or she also knows when to utter those dreaded two words, “I’m out,” knowing when they cannot see the proper outcome they can cause, or business advantage they cannot help forward.

The wannabe gets stuck in the beginning, wondering if it’s right or not, etc. In other words, it’s a paralysis, whereas the Shark doesn’t get entangled with the problems or the choreography.

The sharks “see the end in sight” and push toward that end, devouring anything in their path.

How can you do this? The 4 points below will help you, but the above point is the secret to their achievement and continued success.

Want proof? Look at your last achievement. You’ll discover you saw the outcome and pushed toward that without reserve. Look at your last failure. You’ll discover you got stuck with how to pitch, how to dress, how to work out the details, details, details and, somewhere along the way, lost sight of the end product.

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