Posted on: June 13, 2012

The Merchant of Truth on Getting Back to Business: A CNBC Town Hall Event

America’s Small Business Owners Come Face-to-Face with Some of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in America

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., June 12, 2012— Small business is a powerful engine of growth for the U.S. economy and a driver of individual wealth, job creation, and innovation. At this important time in our nation’s history, it is crucial that America’s entrepreneurs are empowered to take big risks and launch the businesses that will define a new era of prosperity. Today’s small business stakeholders are seeking new ways to secure funding, reach consumers and leverage advances in technology.

On Wednesday, June 20th at 9PM ET, CNBC presents “Getting Back to Business: A CNBC Town Hall Event,” hosted by CNBC’s Brian Sullivan from Atlanta, GA, bringing together a group of well-known entrepreneurs and business leaders and a studio audience of small business owners from across the country in an informative and dynamic conversation as they share their challenges, seek opportunities, and learn new strategies for success.

Broadcast from Atlanta, GA, ranked among the top cities in the nation for entrepreneurial activity in 2011, and surrounded by hundreds of hard-working people each with a stake in the American Dream, CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, addresses the future of American business.

“Entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of this country, but amid this fragile economic recovery, small business owners are facing the challenge of a lifetime,” said Sullivan. “As the leader in business news, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to help entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality because their success is what makes America great.”

Panelists including Steve Case, Revolution Chairman & CEO and America Online Co-Founder; Sara Blakely, Spanx Founder; Kevin O’Leary, O’Leary Funds Chairman; Tristan Walker, Incoming Entrepreneur in Residence, Andreessen Horowitz; and Karen Mills, U.S. Small Business Administration; share their wisdom and insights and answer the most critical questions facing many entrepreneurs.

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