Posted on: August 21, 2012

Tannins, Acidity, and Delight

2. Tannins, Acidity, and Delight

Why Wine?

Over the years I began surrounding myself with many different types of wine, learning all about the different varietals, vintages and regions. I was able to expand my palate and began to set my mind and tongue to the task of learning everything there was to know about wine. It got to the point where I could take a sip and discuss the tannins, acidity, heat, body, and flavour of any glass alongside the very best.  Here’s what I learned: wine is not about fancy adjectives or about the cost. It is about the taste and quality. Too often, people can lose track of that, using inappropriately expensive prices to signal a quality that the wine itself does not back up. Throughout all my years and experience with wine I always found it was a real challenge to find exquisite wine at a reasonable price. This was when the realization hit. Why not combine my two true passions in life: good wine and good business.  I wanted to create the perfect wine: one that combined incredible taste with incredible value.