Posted on: October 17, 2012

O’Leary Fine Wines Receives A Glowing Review

The Wine Review with André Proulx

When I had a chance to speak with Kevin O’Leary about his wines I was dying to ask him the question: “Why Ontario?”… He is a businessman and literally has the world at his disposal for creating a world class wine, surely California, Argentina, Australia or anywhere else could offer what he was looking for. But as he said to me, he is a proud Canadian and Ontario is not a backwater for growing grapes. We offer World Class Wines here. Both the Red and the White (but especially the Red) are excellent value and something he should be proud to have his name on.

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O’Leary Fine Wines Launches At The LCBO

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On Thursday Oct. 4th, famed Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author and “Dragon’s Den” star Kevin O’Leary ventured into the LCBO’s flagship Summerhill store for a special appearance to sign bottles of his new line of O’Leary Fine Wines for its official product launch.

Posted on: October 10, 2012

Two More Medals for Kevin O’Leary’s New Wine Label

O’Leary Fine Wines announced today that it has taken home yet another designation: each of its wines were awarded a medal in the Wine Access 2012 Canadian Wine Awards. Both the 2010 Cabernet Merlot and the 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay won a bronze medal in the prestigious event.

Posted on: October 5, 2012

O’Leary Fine Wines Wins Two Medals In International Wine Competition

After a spectacular debut, Kevin O’Leary’s new wine brand continues to dazzle the palates of wine enthusiasts. O’Leary Fine Wines announced today that its wines were awarded two medals in the 2012 InterVin International Wine Awards – in addition to the “Best Value” accolade announced yesterday.

The 2010 Cabernet Merlot took home a silver medal, while the 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay received a bronze medal, marking a very strong debut for the newly launched label.

Posted on: October 2, 2012

O’Leary Fine Wines Wins ‘Best Value’ at InterVin International Wine Awards

O’Leary Fine Wines announced today that its 2010 Cabernet Merlot was one of only ten red wines awarded Best Value at the prestigious 2012 InterVin International Wine Awards. In this year’s competition, judges tasted more than 1,200 wines from seventeen countries. The O’Leary offering is one of two wines recently launched under the O’Leary Fine Wines brand.

Posted on: August 9, 2012

O’Leary Fine Wines Wins the Evening

I was blown away by the O’Leary wines, both the Chardonnay ($14.95) and the Cabernet Merlot ($14.95). Yes the same O’Leary that is famous for his role on Dragon’s Den. In partnership with the folks at Vineland Estates (winemaker Brian Schmidt already producing fantastic wines) Kevin O’Leary branches into the wine world with these releases. I didn’t know what to expect however I declared on Twitter following the tasting that the O’Leary wines won the night for me, and I stand by that. Brian even tells me that Mr. O’Leary was actively involved in the production of the wines so full points on that one as well.

Posted on: June 10, 2012

There’s a Reason He’s Getting Into the Wine Business: 10 Things Kevin O’Leary Can’t Live Without

“I have a cellar of wine from Burgundy and Bordeaux. Château Latour ’90 is my current favourite. I bought a couple of cases when they weren’t expensive, but now the Chinese have discovered French first growths, and they’ve gone way up in price. It’s hard to drink them because I know they’re impossible to replace.”