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Posted on: January 31, 2014

Kevin O’Leary Answers Your Questions

Blunt, colourful and outspoken, Kevin O’Leary has become the Don Cherry of Canadian business. The entrepreneur, author and TV fixture (Dragons’ Den in Canada, Shark Tank in the U.S.) was in town this week and sat down with The Gazette to answer a series of questions submitted by readers. Here’s an edited transcript of that conversation.

Posted on: November 14, 2013

Dragons’ Den Contest Gives Students a Cash Start

It took just 16 months of working at a Tim Hortons for Calgary high school student Rami Ghanem to come up with an award-winning idea for efficiency. Thanks to a $5,000 cheque from Dragons’ Den heavyweight Kevin O’Leary, Ghanem’s idea for a modern method of employee check-in may soon appear in fast food franchises everywhere.

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Posted on: November 12, 2013

The 3 Biggest Money Mistakes Couples Make

He teaches money management to audiences old and young, backing up no-nonsense principles with years of experience. We could be saving ourselves from so much grief, frustration and stress if we only did a few key things differently, he said in an interview.

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Posted on: October 10, 2013

Kevin O’Leary Does Capitalism as Charity

The combative CBC icon’s new photo show spotlights the contradictions inherent in the act of altruism

Kevin O’Leary on Fox and Friends
Posted on: October 8, 2013

Kevin O’Leary on Fox and Friends

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Toronto Life: Kevin O’Leary wants to be an artist—and he’s not half bad

Kevin O’Leary 40 years of Photography showcases a selection of images that the Dragon, an avid amateur shutterbug since the early ‘70s, shot during four decades of travels. The framed prints range from college-era self-portraits to aerial landscapes, cost $6,000 a pop and are available for public viewing at First Canadian Place. Some of them are also damn good. See for yourself.

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Erin McCoy and Kevin O’Leary Muskoka Boat Ride Discussing Philanthropy
KevinOleary-Exhibit KevinOleary-Exhibit
Posted on: September 11, 2013

Kevin O’Leary Announces Photography Exhibit Benefitting Teenage Entrepreneurs

Kevin O’Leary and Brookfield Canada Office Properties today announced the debut of a fine art photography exhibit, featuring original prints from images taken by O’Leary himself. O’Leary will donate all profits from the sale of his photographs to aspiring teenage entrepreneurs in an online “Future Dragon” contest launching later this year.

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Posted on: April 20, 2013

Kevin O’Leary of ‘Shark Tank’ is always smelling blood

Mr. Wonderful’ — sneers, insults and all — is the undeniable star of ABC’s hit reality show. ‘Nothing-burgers’ beware. They call him Mr. Wonderful. But Kevin O’Leary was recently engaged in one of his less-than-wonderful rants, the kind familiar to anyone who loves to hate him on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”