Posted on: January 26, 2015

Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful Advises Moving Faster and Shedding Debt This Year

Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary—best known for his wisecracking turn as the most cutthroat investor on ABC’s hit series Shark Tank—has never been one to settle for mediocrity. From a young age, O’Leary aimed for business excellence, launching and investing in a wide range of innovative companies. Today, he’s a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean he’s done making waves.

So it’s no surprise that one of O’Leary’s investments just made Shark Tank history. The winning investment, photo app GrooveBook, became the show’s first venture to be acquired by a public company when Shutterfly bought it for a whopping $14.5 million this past November.

I recently sat down with O’Leary to talk about this game-changing photo app, his current investment mindset, and his predictions for business in 2015. Along the way, he offered up some hard-hitting advice for entrepreneurs that only Mr. Wonderful could give. Our conversation, edited for length and clarity, follows.

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