Posted on: March 4, 2012

Redemption Inc. Preview Reel

Redemption Inc. Preview Reel
March 4, 2012
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  • Brucemckay

    My name is Bruce Mckay, I am a 55 year old ex-con.  At 14 years of age I began using heroin. Using heroin opened a door to a lifestyle of crime. In Alberta in 1972 we were adults at 16 years. Five months before my 17th birthday I was sent to Prince Albert penitentiary for three years. I spent 26 of the next 28 years in prison. I have been out of prison for eleven years now, I have been clean and sober for 12 years, I even quit cigarettes : )
        Since I have been out I worked in the garbage/recycle business. First as a swamper then eventually as an owner/operator of two trucks. Two years ago a severe injury requiring surgery ended my career. I need a knew line of work
        A year ago I applied for a pardon, with the change of law a couple of weeks ago, I was denied, in the category of having more than two indictable offences. So you see Mr. O’leary you are my last shot at redemption. I would love the chance and the challenge of being on your show, Redemption inc. I have been looking for away to contact you directly I hope this reaches you and if my story arrives to you down other avenues, please understand.

    Bruce Mckay