Posted on: August 9, 2012

O’Leary Fine Wines Wins the Evening

Last night, alongside a number of my Twitter and Blogging friends, I attended a tasting for a line-up of Ontario’s next wines to be hitting the LCBO shelves in mid September. It was cool because it was a pre-tasting for wines that haven’t hit stores yet. A sneak peek into the direction the Ontario wine industry is headed. Plus I will always jump at the chance to support the local wineries and the “buy local” movement of both food and wine. With 19 Ontario wines to try and hosted by the LCBO, Ed Madronich (winemaker at Flat Rock Cellers) and Dan Sullivan (winemaker at Rosehall Run) I was flattered to be invited and happy to attend.

I was blown away by the O’Leary wines, both the Chardonnay ($14.95) and the Cabernet Merlot ($14.95). Yes the same O’Leary that is famous for his role on Dragon’s Den. In partnership with the folks at Vineland Estates (winemaker Brian Schmidt already producing fantastic wines) Kevin O’Leary branches into the wine world with these releases. I didn’t know what to expect however I declared on Twitter following the tasting that the O’Leary wines won the night for me, and I stand by that. Brian even tells me that Mr. O’Leary was actively involved in the production of the wines so full points on that one as well.

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