Posted on: May 8, 2011

“I Like to Celebrate Canadian Entrepreneurs”

The Lethbridge Herald
May 8, 2011

He’s the “heavy” on the best-watched reality show in Canada. He’s also a Toronto-based billionaire, after selling his software company to a major U.S. corporation.

Earlier this week, Kevin O’Leary visited Lethbridge to meet investors and offer glimpses of his fast-paced business life – and outtakes from his celebrated TV show, “Dragon’s Den.” He spoke to a near-capacity crowd at a dinner presented by National Bank Financial.

“I like to celebrate the Canadian entrepreneurs,” he said in an interview. While earlier their goal was to create business activity across the nation, he observed, Canadian investors and innovators have more recently become much more attuned to opportunities around the world. Many of them make respect for the environment one of their priorities, wherever they invest.

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