Posted on: January 6, 2015

Kevin O’Leary: Starving artist, minus the starving

Over the years the Financial Post has used the following descriptive phrases, among others, to identify Kevin O’Leary: “hobby guitarist,” “CBC funnyman,” “vintner,” “businessman,” “Dragon,” “billionaire tycoon,” “business television personality,” “ex-software executive turned investor,” “ruthlessly curt” and “highly opinionated venture capitalist.”

“Billionaire tycoon,” may have been pushing it a bit; a recent Canadian Business list of Canada’s 100 wealthiest people does not mention Mr. O’Leary. Mr. O’Leary, now a guest on Shark Tank, which airs on CTV and ABC, says, “It’s bad karma to discuss net worth. I don’t need any more money. I need more time.” Starcasm, a U.S. celebrity website, pegs his net worth at US$300 million.

Whether he is a billionaire or not, we can certainly add another descriptor to Mr. O’Leary’s long list: photographer.

“I consider myself a starving artist, hold the starving,” he says.

He comes by his craft as a photographer honestly. Long before he got rich in software design, Mr. O’Leary toiled as a film editor, making short films to play between periods on Hockey Night in Canada. He peppers discussions of his trajectory in film and photography with brand names of machinery that he has operated.

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